Here at KFM Co-Packer, we provide a quality-driven range of repackaging solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry. We offer a very flexible service to suit any and all repackaging needs, whether you’re looking at big commercial volumes or smaller niche drugs.

Our background is in supplying recruitment services for the past 25 years, both temporary and permanent, across a wide range of industries, but the pharmaceutical packaging sector is key for us and we’ve been working in this industry for 17 years.

It is this experience that has allowed KFM to diversify into the contract packaging and co-packing companies sector, ultimately enabling us to create our Grade 1 MHRA-licenced facility.

We recently underwent an RB supplier audit, carried out by Mandy Turgoose, which we passed with flying colours, highlighting how we conduct our repacking services, including specialised secondary and tertiary packaging, giving our clients the confidence in what we can achieve.

Secondary Packaging

This comes in many forms, the most common being paper and boards, corrugated fibres and boxes, and cartons, used to group primary packages of pharmaceuticals together. Because different packaging materials may be required from product to product, it’s essential that you use a company that’s aware of the exacting nature of this industry’s packaging needs.

Tertiary Packaging

This is used for the protection and shipping of products, a vital part of the shipping process because pharmaceutical products can be incredibly fragile and in need of excellent protection during transit. Choosing the right kind of tertiary packaging for healthcare distribution is a must and we have years of experience in this area.

Pharmaceutical Repackaging

Repackaging practices in the pharmaceutical industry involves the appropriate analytical testing for all specifications, noting the identity and strength of active ingredients, and finished product testing to establish data.

Records of these analyses must be maintained on batch-by-batch bases for products and our dedicated repackaging service can meet all your secondary packaging and fulfilment requirements efficiently.