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What is Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Repacking pharmaceuticals is the act of removing a product from its original container and placing it into a second primary container, typically one of a smaller size. This is common practice where the likes of solid drug products like tablets and capsules are concerned, and is a vital aspect of pharmaceutical care, as well as optimisation of patient compliance.


Robust repackaging practices involve appropriate analytical testing for all specifications – for example, the identity and strength of active ingredients, as well as finished product testing to establish analytical data.

Repackaging companies must maintain records of these analyses on batch-by-batch bases for products that are either independently maintained by these companies or which have been transferred to the repackaging firm by the manufacturer.


The validation protocol for packaging operations should include a short description of the process, as well as a summary of the critical processing steps or parameters that need to be monitored. Additional testing may also need to be carried out, with recommended acceptance criteria and analytical validation as and when appropriate.

A sampling plan will also be set out, detailing where, when, how and how many samples are taken, with details included for the recording and evaluation of results.


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